Guillaume Béraud

Post-doctoral Fellow
MD in Infectious diseases, PhD in Epidemiology, Lille2 University, France

Formation : Guillaume is an infectious diseases specialist practicing at the University hospital of Poitiers, France since 2010, after having been trained in Caen, Lille, as well as in Martinique. He defended an international joint PhD (France, Lille - Belgium, Hasselt) on mathematical modelling in infectious diseases, focusing on the use of social contact data for modelling infectious transmission.

His clinical practice includes a wide spectrum of infections, from HIV patients to tuberculosis among migrants, neutropenic fever, chronic device infections or tropical medicine. His interest in clinical research notably concerns infective endocarditis and central nervous system infections. His basic research focuses on modelling infectious disease transmission. During his PhD, he estimated the first French contact mixing matrices, then he notably used them to estimate the risk of re-emergence of measles, mumps or rubella in France.

Intérêts de recherche : Guillaume joined our team in August 2017 as a post-doctoral fellow. He is currently working on the CONNECT study, from data collection to analyses and applications. He is also examining the cost-effectiveness of different HPV vaccination strategies in Low and Middle Income Countries. Guillaume has published more than 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Publications : PubMed, Google Scholar

Twitter Bird @g_beraud


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